Fire Fighter
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1:  How can the communications center of a fire department be characterized?
A: As the eyes of the department
B: As the hub of the department
C: As the ears of the department
D: As the outpost of the department

2:  What does the voice recording system in a communications center typically record?
A: Room conversation, only
B: Telephone traffic, only
C: Radio traffic, only
D: Telephone and radio traffic

3:  What is the generally accepted time lapse between a call reaching the communications center and the units actually being dispatched?
A: Three-and-a-half minutes
B: Two minutes
C: One minute
D: Thirty seconds

4:  How should the emergency telephone number 9-1-1 be pronounced?
A: Nine, eleven
B: Nine hundred eleven
C: It doesn?t matter
D: Nine, one, one

5:  If a caller is reporting a medical condition, what instructions might the telecommunicator provide?
A: To hang up and wait outside to flag down the ambulance
B: To hang up and take the victim outside to await the ambulance
C: To stay on the line and continue reporting conditions
D: To do some first aid steps based on the reported patient condition

6:  Which characterization best describes the communications center of a fire department?
A: A mobile network
B: A physical location
C: A concept
D: An attitude

7:  What does the G stand for in GPS?
A: General
B: Government
C: Guidelines
D: Global

8:  What is one type of data that an activity logging system at a communications center would capture?
A: Time of radio transmissions
B: Wattage of radio transmissions
C: Service provider of telephone callers
D: Visitors to the center

9:  What is the term for the process of actually alerting the selected units to respond and transmitting the information to them?
A: Dispatch
B: Transmission
C: Prioritization
D: Classification

10:  Some communities have implemented a system similar to 9-1-1 but for non-emergency calls. What number does the public dial in these systems?
A: 9-9-9
B: 0-0-0
C: 3-1-1
D: 9-1-9

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