Fire Fighter
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1:  Approximately how many fire departments are there in the United States?
A: 1,000
B: 3,000
C: 10,000
D: 30,000

2:  Who led the first volunteer fire department in the United States?
A: George Washington
B: Ben Franklin
C: Patrick Henry
D: Abraham Lincoln

3:  Where does the greatest majority of the funding for fire departments come from?
A: Private contributions
B: Private industry
C: Tax dollars
D: Fund-raising

4:  What do fire marshals do?
A: Take command of working fires and other emergencies
B: Inspect businesses and enforce fire codes
C: Examine and certify candidates for promotion and certification
D: Create the policies that the fire chief must then enact and enforce

5:  What does the M stand for in EMT?
A: Mentored
B: Minimum
C: Mandatory
D: Medical

6:  Where was the first paid fire department established in the United States?
A: Boston
B: New York
C: Philadelphia
D: Providence

7:  What major 1871 American event had a profound effect on the fire service and fire codes?
A: The first World Fire Exposition
B: The completion of the trans-America railroad
C: The invention of the internal-combustion engine
D: The Great Chicago Fire

8:  What was the deadliest fire in United States history prior to the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center?
A: The Cocoanut Grove Fire
B: The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire
C: The Peshtigo Fire in Wisconsin
D: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

9:  Fire standards frequently call for fire fighters to don and doff. What does don mean?
A: Learn, as in a procedure
B: Acquire, as in go get
C: Carry from one place to another
D: Put on, as in clothing

10:  What is the informal term for hazardous materials?
A: Biotec
B: Hazmat
C: Flamers
D: Suiters

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