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Chapter 1: The Orientation and History of the Fire Service
Chapter 2: Fire Fighter Safety
Chapter 3: Personal Protective Equipment and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
Chapter 4: Fire Service Communications
Chapter 5: Incident Command System
Chapter 6: Fire Behavior
Chapter 7: Building Construction
Chapter 8: Portable Fire Extinguishers
Chapter 9: Fire Fighter Tools and Equipment
Chapter 10: Ropes and Knots
Chapter 11: Response and Size-Up
Chapter 12: Forcible Entry
Chapter 13: Ladders
Chapter 14: Search and Rescue
Chapter 15: Ventilation
Chapter 16: Water Supply
Chapter 17: Fire Attack and Foam
Chapter 18: Fire Fighter Survival
Chapter 19: Salvage and Overhaul
Chapter 20: Fire Fighter Rehabilitation
Chapter 21: Wildland and Ground Fires
Chapter 22: Fire Suppression
Chapter 23: Preincident Planning
Chapter 24: Fire and Emergency Medical Care
Chapter 25: Emergency Medical Care
Chapter 26: Vehicle Rescue and Extrication
Chapter 27: Assisting Special Rescue Teams
Chapter 28: Hazardous Materials: Overview
Chapter 29: Hazardous Materials: Properties and Effects
Chapter 30: Hazardous Materials: Recognizing and Identifying the Hazards
Chapter 31: Hazardous Materials: Implementing a Response
Chapter 32: Hazardous Materials: Personal Protective Equipment, Scene Safety, and Scene Control
Chapter 33: Hazardous Materials: Response Priorities and Actions
Chapter 34: Hazardous Materials: Decontamination Techniques
Chapter 35: Terrorism Awareness
Chapter 36: Fire Prevention and Public Education
Chapter 37: Fire Detection, Protection and Suppression Systems
Chapter 38: Fire Cause Determination