Fire Fighter
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1:  What is the term for the physical or chemical process of reducing and preventing the spread of hazardous materials by persons and equipment?
A: Decontamination
B: Exposure protection
C: Hazard mitigation
D: Product isolation

2:  All people are required to pass through this area when they leave the hot zone.
A: Rehabilitation
B: Systems check
C: The decontamination corridor
D: The reassignment sector chief?s area

3:  What term means the process of transferring a hazardous material from its source to people, animals, the environment, or equipment, which may act as carriers of the contaminant?
A: Contamination
B: Decontamination
C: Cross-contamination
D: Potential contamination

4:  What is the name for the controlled area, usually within the warm zone, where decontamination procedures take place?
A: The decontamination zone
B: The hot zone
C: The decontamination corridor
D: The hot corridor

5:  What type of decontamination is used for large groups of people?
A: Technical
B: Mass
C: Emergency
D: Group

6:  What type of decontamination is used in potentially life-threatening situations to rapidly remove most of the contaminants from an individual, regardless of a formal decontamination corridor?
A: Inside
B: Total flooding
C: Deluge
D: Emergency

7:  How does decontamination make people and things safe?
A: By preventing the initial contaminating contact in the first place
B: By planning
C: By exposure to a weak acid mist upon exit
D: By removing or eliminating the hazardous materials

8:  What is the term for disease-carrying microorganisms?
A: Pathogens
B: Biotoxins
C: Carcinogens
D: Teratogens

9:  Where should the decontamination corridor be located?
A: Between the hot zone and the warm zone
B: Between the warm zone and the cold zone
C: Between the cold zone and the base zone
D: Between the base zone and the outside of the control zone structure

10:  Where does rapid mass decontamination take place?
A: In the field
B: In the hospital
C: In a shelter
D: In the command post

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