Fire Fighter
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1:  At the operations level of training, all hazardous materials response objectives should be of what nature?
A: Offensive
B: Perambulatory
C: Peremptory
D: Defensive

2:  How can defensive hazardous materials objectives be characterized?
A: They do not involve stopping the leak.
B: They stop the incident at the source.
C: They treat the entire area as contaminated and remove all the topsoil or water.
D: The best defenses is a good offense.

3:  What is the lowest level of hazardous material threat?
A: Level III
B: Level I
C: Condition Alpha
D: Condition Lima

4:  What is the main hub of ICS?
A: The front line
B: The evacuation assembly point
C: The central staging area
D: The command post

5:  What is one position that might be developed at a hazardous material incident under a special technical group?
A: A decontamination team
B: A dedicated staging area
C: An SIC, or supra-incident-commander
D: A dedicated messengers corps

6:  A predetermined list of contacts in the event of a hazardous materials incident should be kept where?
A: On each apparatus
B: At the dispatch center
C: In the battalion chief?s vehicle
D: On the local or regional hazardous materials truck

7:  When planning an initial hazardous materials incident response, what is the first priority?
A: The safety of the responding personnel
B: The arrest of the growth of the incident
C: The rescue of the victims and potential victims
D: The comprehensiveness and coordination of all actions

8:  In which state of matter is a hazardous material spill most easy to contain?
A: Gas
B: Liquid
C: Solid
D: Plasma

9:  What does the M stand for in MSDS?
A: Minimum
B: Mandatory
C: Material
D: Municipal

10:  Where should the command post be located, relative to the hazardous materials spill or leak?
A: Upwind and upgrade
B: Upwind and downgrade
C: Downwind and upgrade
D: Downwind and downgrade

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