Fire Fighter
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1:  What should you do if dispatch information reports that a particular scene may involve hazardous materials?
A: View the scene with binoculars from a safe distance
B: Take an early sample and get it on its way to a lab for analysis
C: Approach the scene carefully from the leeward side
D: Request that a police or fire helicopter to be sent to the scene

2:  What information must appear on bags of pesticide?
A: Considerably detailed information about the product
B: The hazard class and the quantity only
C: Just the word ?pesticide? or the name of the pesticide itself
D: Nothing

3:  What does the V stand for in BLEVE?
A: Volatile
B: Ventilation
C: Vapor
D: Viscosity

4:  What does frangible mean?
A: Unsecured
B: Easily broken
C: Scored like crazed glass
D: Scored in a geometric design

5:  How is a highway gasoline tanker off-loaded?
A: Through a manhole at the top of the tank
B: Through valves at the bottom of the tank
C: Through pressure hoses at the rear of the tank
D: Through a siphon pipe that enters from the top

6:  What is the language on a bag of pesticide that indicates it is highly toxic by all routes of entry?
A: Highly Toxic
B: Keep Away From Food
C: Danger - Poison
D: Caution: Poison A

7:  What term refers to the catastrophic failure of a compressed gas vessel due to sudden overwhelming heating?
B: Implosion
C: Extrusion

8:  What is the most common mode of transportation of hazardous materials?
A: Rail
B: Highway
C: Pipeline
D: Ship

9:  What is the term for any vessel or receptacle that holds material, including storage vessels, pipelines, and packaging?
A: Reservoir
B: Collector
C: Container
D: Casing

10:  What is one typical cryogen?
A: Methane
B: Oxygen
C: Acetone
D: Ethyl hydroxide

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