Fire Fighter
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1:  What does the I stand for in AIDS?
A: Infection
B: Internal
C: Intimate
D: Immuno

2:  What does the D stand for in CDC?
A: Democratic
B: Disease
C: Delivery
D: Demographic

3:  What is the first step in caring for conscious people who may be choking?
A: Loosen any constrictive clothing
B: Perform the Heimlich maneuver
C: Ask them if they are choking
D: Open the airway

4:  What is it called when the heart stops contracting and no blood is pumped through the blood vessels?
A: Cardiac myopathy
B: Ventricular contraction
C: Cardiac arrest
D: Ventral dorsalis

5:  Whose safety comes first, if there has to be a choice?
A: The uninjured?s
B: Innocent bystander?s
C: The victim?s
D: The rescuer?s

6:  What is an incident called in which many victims are involved, such as a bus accident?
A: Mass-casualty
B: Barr-King
D: Level III

7:  What does the R stand for in SARS?
A: Respiratory
B: Responder
C: Retrovirus
D: Regulation

8:  What is the most common foreign object that causes airway obstruction?
A: Buttons
B: Food
C: Dentures
D: Toy parts

9:  Under what circumstances should fire fighters allow thirsty victims in shock to drink fluids at the scene?
A: Any time except when the patient is disoriented
B: Only when the patient is sitting up without support
C: Under no circumstances
D: Under all circumstances

10:  What is the term for sorting two or more victims based on the severity of their conditions to establish priorities for care based on available resources?
A: Lavage
B: Triage
C: Pre-op
D: Casualty

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