Fire Fighter
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1:  What does the M stand for, in EMS?
A: Management
B: Medical
C: Mental
D: Many

2:  What should be the attitude of the EMS provider when people either call 9-1-1 for what turns out to be a minor event, or else delay calling when in fact the situation is a dire emergency that should have been called in immediately?
A: EMS providers should always remain supportive of the patient, but should be fairly stern to the caller and point out the error
B: EMS providers should always assume that the urgency or delay was the wish of the patient, and that is who should be scolded if an error is made
C: EMS providers should remain supportive of both patient and caller
D: EMS providers should be quite stern to both parties if the system was not used properly, either due to delay or exaggerated perception of the urgency of the situation

3:  What does the C stand for in CPR?
A: Cat
B: Cardio
C: Cranial
D: Cognitive

4:  In some fire departments, how high can the percentage of calls go that are medical rather than fire suppression?
A: 80%
B: 50%
C: 25%
D: 10%

5:  People who are fully trained to deliver all advanced life support are:
A: EMT-Basics
B: EMT-Paramedics
C: First Responders
D: Advanced Responders

6:  What does the B stand for in BLS?
A: Basic
B: Badge
C: Begin
D: Bench

7:  What is the mission of the fire service?
A: To serve and protect
B: To risk a lot for a little
C: To go where no man can live
D: To save lives and protect property

8:  What is one level of training that includes limited ALS skills?
A: EMT-Intermediate
B: Second Responder
C: Fire Medic Basic
D: Advanced First Aid

9:  What is the rule of thumb for how EMS providers should treat patients?
A: As they themselves have been treated when patients
B: As impersonal recipients of medical service
C: As they themselves would like to be treated
D: As students or children in a subordinate role

10:  What is one agency that is especially well suited to providing a community?s EMS due to the rigorous screening of its employees, and its existing infrastructure which includes buildings, radios and dispatch systems?
A: The power company
B: The fire department
C: Taxi or limousine agencies
D: The regional hospital

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