Fire Fighter
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1:  What is the term for an unplanned and uncontrolled fire burning in vegetative fuel (grass, leaves, and trees) that sometimes includes structures?
A: Interlace fire
B: Terrain fire
C: Exterior fire
D: Wildland fire

2:  What is the diameter of heavy fuels as compared to that of fine fuels?
A: Heavy is smaller
B: Heavy is more accurately measured
C: Heavy is more variable
D: Heavy is larger

3:  What is the source of almost all of the naturally caused wildland and ground fires?
A: Chemical decomposition
B: Campfires
C: Geothermal activity
D: Lightning

4:  What term refers to the changes in elevation of land, as well as the position of natural and man-made features?
A: Topography
B: Population density
C: Climate
D: Demographics

5:  How many fire departments are responsible for some areas that can be classified as wildland?
A: All
B: Most
C: Some
D: Only about one in two hundred

6:  What is the term for land in an uncultivated natural state that is covered by timber, woodland, brush, or grass?
A: State park
B: Wildland
C: Natural
D: Vegetative

7:  What is the term for fuels located under the ground, if indeed there is such a thing?
A: Subsurface
B: Type III
C: Peaty
D: There is no such thing

8:  Moisture can be present in two forms, one of which is precipitation. What is the other?
A: Absolute aridity
B: Relative humidity
C: Absolute pressure
D: Gauge barometric pressure

9:  What type of wildland fire burns loose debris on the surface of the ground?
A: Terrain fire
B: Free brush fire
C: Ground cover fire
D: Short cover terrain fire

10:  Aerial fuels are usually what type of vegetation?
A: Grasses
B: Bushes
C: Trees
D: Blow-down

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