Fire Fighter
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1:  What is the only way for individuals to become proficient at performing any set of skills?
A: Experience
B: Aptitude
C: Training
D: Testing

2:  A team is defined as two or more individuals:
A: acting in concert.
B: achieving a common goal.
C: communicating.
D: looking out for each other.

3:  What must every company officer have to keep in communication with the IC?
A: A portable radio
B: A field telephone
C: A landline
D: A vehicle communications system

4:  Where are the personnel accountability tags for most fire fighters placed when they are on duty?
A: On a board in the cab of the apparatus
B: On their helmets
C: On a hook in the station
D: On a chain around their necks

5:  For safety and survival reasons, fire fighters should always work in teams of at least:
A: 4
B: 3
C: 2
D: 1

6:  Is it ever permissible to risk the life of a fire fighter?
A: Yes, this is part of everyday life as a fire fighter
B: No, not unless the fire fighter volunteers for this
C: No, not ever
D: Yes, if there is a reasonable and realistic possibility of saving a life

7:  What is an example of a common hazard fire fighters face routinely?
A: Backdraft
B: High-angle rescue
C: Smoke
D: Hazardous materials tanker spills

8:  What is the standard operational team in firefighting operations?
A: A department
B: A battalion
C: A platoon
D: A company

9:  Rapid intervention companies/crews are established to:
A: help create a blitz offensive fire attack.
B: rescue fire fighters.
C: rescue occupants.
D: protect exposures.

10:  In a hazardous atmosphere, such as inside a burning structure, fire company members should always be able to contact each other by voice, sight, or by:
A: last known position.
B: dead reckoning.
C: touch.

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