Fire Fighter
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1:  What is a reservoir?
A: A man-made water storage facility
B: A natural water source
C: A natural water collection point
D: A large, government-owned well field

2:  Why are chemicals used in a water treatment plant?
A: To remove the natural metallic taste
B: To make it flow with less pipe friction
C: To trace which source it comes from
D: To kill bacteria and harmful organisms

3:  From what direction(s) should fire hydrants be visible?
A: All directions
B: Front and both sides only
C: Front and one side only
D: Front only

4:  Why should hydrants be opened slowly?
A: To avoid a pressure surge
B: Because the valve assemblies are fragile
C: To let the drain system catch up
D: Rapid opening can cause the wrench to ?catch? the water flow and spin suddenly with great force

5:  What is one unit of measure in which water flow is reported?
A: Gallons per minute
B: Pounds per square inch
C: Gallons per square inch
D: Pounds per square inch gauge

6:  How, if at all, does the water delivered to fire hydrants differ from the water delivered into homes?
A: Hydrant water is untreated
B: It does not differ
C: Home water is non-potable
D: Hydrant water is harder

7:  During fire hydrant inspections the first two factors to check are accessibility and something else. What else?
A: Operability
B: Visibility
C: Stability
D: Fragility

8:  When the order is received to open a hydrant, how should it be opened?
A: As rapidly as possible
B: One turn, wait one minute, another turn, wait another minute, etc.
C: Four turns, wait half a minute, four more turns, wait another half minute, etc.
D: Slowly

9:  What is one advantage to using a portable tank setup?
A: Safety
B: Cooler water
C: Speed
D: Water under pressure

10:  What kind of valve enables tankers to off-load their entire load of water very quickly?
A: An iris valve
B: A dump valve
C: A gravity valve
D: A spring-assist valve

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