Fire Fighter
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1:  What does the word egress mean?
A: A way in; the opposite of exit
B: To fall back and regroup
C: A method to exit or escape
D: To change location vertically

2:  What are the actual steps of a ladder called?
A: The pawls
B: The trusses
C: The rungs
D: The beams

3:  Must fire fighters be able to work on ladders while wearing SCBA?
A: No
B: No, but they must be able to climb ladders in SCBA
C: Yes, but only carrying tools up and down
D: Yes

4:  How safe are wooden or fiberglass ladders around power lines?
A: Both are entirely insulating and therefore safe
B: Wood is safe, fiberglass is not
C: Fiberglass is safe, wood is not
D: If wet or dirty, both wood and fiberglass can conduct electricity

5:  Why should ladders not be placed on manhole covers or trapdoors?
A: Because this practice denies the use of the cover or trapdoor
B: Because these surfaces are notoriously slippery and the ladder may slide
C: Because these structures make an extraordinarily attractive lightning rod when continuous with a metal ladder
D: Because the concentrated weight of fire fighters, ladder and equipment may cause these structures to fail

6:  What is the most important hazard to keep in mind when working with ground ladders?
A: Overhead power lines
B: Slip and fall accidents
C: Pinches to hands or fingers
D: Striking someone with the ladder

7:  Why might already soft ground under a ladder become even more unstable during firefighting operations?
A: Because of the heat from the fire
B: Because of the nearby vibrations from machinery and footfalls
C: Because of the water used for suppression
D: Because of the change in air temperature over a few hours? time

8:  What should be done with fire service ladders that have been used outside of their design limits?
A: Nothing if there is no sign of damage, discoloration or distortion
B: They should be visually inspected and pronounced fit
C: They should be taken out of service for visual inspection
D: They should be taken out of service for inspection and testing

9:  Another name for a pawl is?
A: Rabbet
B: Dog
C: Lock
D: Stock

10:  Other than touching power lines, what is another hazard of ladders being placed close to them?
A: If a ladder does touch a power line, it can become instantly welded to the line
B: Ladders can become energized even without actually touching the power line
C: Power lines can spontaneously fall, and might drape the ladder
D: A person losing their balance while climbing or descending the ladder might grab the power line

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