Fire Fighter
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1:  When should the daily check of SCBA be done?
A: After the first call
B: First thing in the afternoon
C: At the beginning of shift
D: At the end of shift

2:  Why should hearing protection be worn on a responding apparatus?
A: The ears adjust to loud noises and produce a temporary state of diminished aural sensitivity
B: The siren and horn make it hard to concentrate on donning PPE
C: The siren and horn noise can cause long-term damage to hearing
D: Hearing loud noises produces an involuntary fear response in humans

3:  When, if ever, is it appropriate for fire fighters to ride to a scene on the tailboard of an apparatus?
A: Only if it is an aerial
B: Only if there is an approved hand rail
C: Never
D: Any time

4:  Can the electric meter ever be inside the building?
A: No, while not illegal, it is just never done
B: No, it is illegal to do so
C: Yes, this is quite common
D: Yes, but only on military installations

5:  If the decision is between savings lives and saving property, what comes first?
A: Whichever one best protects exposures
B: Lives
C: Property
D: Whichever one promises the soonest mitigation of the incident

6:  When an alarm is received, how should fire fighters approach the apparatus?
A: At a dead run
B: At a jogging rate
C: At a brisk walk
D: At a normal walking pace

7:  When, relative to donning other equipment, should seat belts be donned, upon taking a seat in an apparatus about to respond?
A: Seat belts should be donned last
B: Seat belts should be donned first
C: Seat belts should be donned after hearing protection, but before anything else
D: Seat belts should be donned second to last, before eye or face protection

8:  When dismounting an apparatus, it is important that fire fighters always hold something. What?
A: A forcible entry tool
B: The SCBA face piece
C: The next-dismounting fire fighter
D: A handhold

9:  If gas is present, why must electricity be cut off at a remote location?
A: Because utility workers cannot be sent into an area that has gas
B: Because electricity can ride the gap across gas and not turn off
C: Because electricity is needed to clear an area of gas
D: Because cutting electricity off can cause a spark

10:  What is the top basic fireground objective?
A: Rescue any victims
B: Protect exposures
C: Confine the fire
D: Extinguish the fire

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